Sixty-two trailer homes allocated

Government has so far successfully allocated 62 trailer homes to qualifying applicants.

In a brief symbolic handover-of-keys ceremony behind the Fairbanks Women Prison, Government officials, along with Community Development officers, briefly highlighted the progress of the trailer homes saga.

‘Even though the official handout of keys came at a late date,’ said Community Development Manager Catherine Tyson, ‘most people were already occupying a large number of the 16 trailers located on the Fairbanks property.’

Ms Susan Solomon, already a recipient of a trailer home, came up to receive her keys officially from Community Affairs Minister Dr. Frank McField and Roger Bodden Financial Officer of the National Housing Trust.

‘Right now the biggest problems we are facing with the trailers are finding appropriate locations to site them,’ said Permanent Secretary Joy Basdeo.

‘We do not want to site the trailers so far away so that some occupants without cars will not have quick access to schools, supermarkets and the hospital,’ she said.

Mrs Basdeo also said she wanted to let the public know that 30 March 2005 was the close-off date for applications for trailer homes. ‘Anyone wishing to submit an application should do on or before the date to the Temporary Housing Office,’ she said.

‘We are doing as much as we can to solve the housing problem,’ said Community Affairs Minister Dr Frank McField.

‘Affordable housing was a pressing issue even before Hurricane Ivan. The hurricane, he said, only made the need for affordable housing that much more obvious.

Mr. McField also said the Community Development officers were involved because they worked with people on various social issues and played an important role in enforcing stability.’