Be tap friendly

Anyone who has ever had a well run dry or a cistern dry as a bone is aware of the feeling of helplessness that comes along with the realization there is no fresh water.

But luckily, in the Cayman Islands, a bad well or empty cistern can be fixed rather quickly.

And as fresh water begins pumping through the home again, no second thought is given to flushing the toilet, filling up the washing machine, running the dishwasher or taking two or three extra minutes in the shower.

Most of us take water for granted.

But water is a source of life that can’t be taken for granted.

Indeed, in many parts of the world it is revered and treated with respect because there is so little of it.

Today has been set aside for people the world over to take into consideration that liquid that sustains life on this planet – water.

It’s hard to believe that water covers 70 per cent of Earth and there isn’t enough fresh water to keep every man, woman and child alive. Of that 70 per cent, 97.5 per cent of Earth’s water is ocean, which is not usable in industry, agriculture or as drinking water without proper and costly desalination equipment.

Almost everyone who was in the Cayman Islands during and immediately following Hurricane Ivan learned what life is like without ready access to fresh water.

Many people became inventive, from putting small sump pumps down their cisterns to tapping in to water stored in hot water heaters. Others took advantage of rain showers to wash clothes, shower and gather water for toilets and chores.

It was a time of unpleasantness for many.

There are people throughout the world who face life every day knowing that fresh water just isn’t an option.

There are disadvantaged people in the Cayman Islands who still don’t have a ready source of clean, fresh water following Hurricane Ivan. Many of them depend on family and neighbours to fill jugs and buckets.

So as you go about your day today, think about the water that was used to make that cup of coffee you’re sipping on; spend a few less minutes in the shower and cut off the tap while you’re brushing your teeth.

Everyone the world over needs to become more tap friendly, not just today, but every day.

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