Independence issue made clear

It was very pleasing to read the letter written by LGB McKeeva Bush and published in the Caymanian Compass 23 February, 2005. In that letter Mr. Bush refuted incorrect assumptions on the part of certain individuals in making it abundantly clear that his United Democratic Party has no intention of seeking political independence from the United Kingdom.

I also found it satisfying that Mr. Bush chose to submit that clarifying letter since, after reading the reported statements of Leader of the Opposition People’s Progressive Movement Mr. Kurt Tibbetts on 18 February, 2005, I had been left quite confused as to the actual position of the Government.

I have in the past often heard many members of the UDP say they are not seeking political independence for the Cayman Islands, but the reported statements of Mr. Tibbetts appeared to imply Mr. Bush was about to engage the U K in talks aimed toward a severing of the relationship we have with Britain.

It is fortunate that the record has been set straight. Had this not been done, many in the voting public would have been left uncertain of the direction this country is being taken. I think it quite a separate thing to advance, in a natural manner, a country’s constitution and totally different matter to seek outright independence.

In spite of what is widely regarded by Caymanians as a number of disappointing moves by the UK toward this country in the past, this is no time to consider independence. I am convinced that most of us Caymanians remain generally content with the ties we have with the UK.

We must continue to be mindful of the condition suffered by countries that rushed into independence in the past. These are obviously matters that should be thoroughly contemplated and carefully approached.

R. Sherlene Schmid

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