Take time to prepare

The bad news is that the start of hurricane season is less than 11 weeks away.

The good news is there is still time to formulate plans to reduce the risk of hurricane damage if another one should hit the Cayman Islands this year.

Hurricane predictors in Colorado say the 2005 season could see 11 named storms, six hurricanes, of which three will be intense.

The chances of a major hurricane making landfall in the Caribbean is above average, the predictors warn.

Worrying about another hurricane is not something anyone in the Cayman Islands relishes.

Many people are still living in homes with roofs protected only by tarps.

Many are still homeless.

And the memories of Hurricane Ivan last September are still only too fresh for those whose homes and businesses were devastated.

Counsellors, psychologists and doctors are keeping a wary eye on patients who are still reeling from Ivan.

The unknown factor is how people already suffering post-Ivan stress disorders are going to react if and when a hurricane warning is launched this year.

Maybe the best way to begin preparing for the upcoming hurricane season is to see a counsellor if you are having difficulty coping.

Once fears can be put aside, work can be done to prepare homes, businesses and families for any upcoming storms.

Hurricane supplies must be bought before the season begins and plans must be made.

Don’t wait until there is a hurricane warning to make shutters.

Check generators and portable radios.

When and if a hurricane warning is posted this year, listen to the old-timers. It was them who last year told us that Hurricane Charley would be a flop, but that Ivan would be a monster.

The collective psyche of the Cayman Islands isn’t ready for another Hurricane Ivan, but if preparations begin now for the upcoming hurricane season, events may not turn out so bad.

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