Ms Moyle in bid for North Side

North Side People’s Progressive Movement candidate Edna Moyle spent Wednesday evening setting the record straight.

She met with about 50 of her constituents at an outdoor public meeting in Old Man Bay to officially launch her campaign for Member of Legislative Assembly for North Side in the May 11 General Election.

Ms Moyle said she knew nothing about a $100,000 allocation to those uninsured with Hurricane Ivan damage slated for North Side until it was revealed by Leader of Government Business McKeeva Bush.

She said UDP did an end run around her by not getting her input on whom to appoint to the committee doling out the funds.

The move, she said, was calculated based on how it would benefit the UDP party.

‘That is not Edna Moyle’s style,’ she said. ‘We need a change with the PPM. When that government is in place, all people in these islands will be treated the same.’

High points of her talk included the Constitution, grants of Caymanian Status, housing and the contract with MC Restoration.

She said elected member of the PPM party would continue to work with the people of the Cayman Islands to develop a good, solid Constitution and called the wholesale granting of statuses an injustice. ‘Do you really believe this was done for anything else but to have these people vote? What will happen at the next election?’

She said the Government’s affordable housing project has turned into a national disaster.

‘We have been informed that this was a Government decision by the minister responsible not to tender. This minister is saying ‘there is no need for an Auditor General. This Government should do what it needs.’ They feel there should be no accountability. We are headed for a dictatorship and this country does not want that.’

She said she and other members of the PPM party are concerned that the contents of the clean up contract with MC Restoration have not been fully revealed and questioned the lifting of import duties for The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.

She said all Civil Servants need to be free from intimidation and be allowed to carry out policy.

Crime is out of hand, Ms Moyle said. Three murders in the recent past have still not been solved and drug use is out of control, she said.

Closer to home, Ms Moyle is concerned that there is only one police car that covers the entire Eastern districts.

‘This is not good enough. We will no longer put up with this lack of service from the police,’ she said.

As for education, she said the system has been a failure.

‘Is our curriculum written to give all children a fair chance? Where is the technical and vocational school? Have we failed our children because of a lack of physical plants? Yes, we have failed our children. A nation without educated people will fail.

‘Put a government in place you can trust; an education system that ensures all a place in the work force.’

Ms Moyle, who was minister over community services, youth, sports and gender affairs in 2000 and 2001, said she is ready to take that role over again.

As minister she developed a National Youth Policy to bring young people into the mainstream. Plans were also in the works to form a tourism training school.

‘That work was rudely interrupted in 2001 by a group of bandits. I am ready to go back to work,’ she said.

Other concerns and issues she will campaign on include the increasing cost of living in the Cayman Islands, the elderly, teen pregnancy, a senior citizens’ centre, community development officers and Frank Sound High School.

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