Shape up for Batabano

With just a few weeks until the festivities of this year’s Cable & Wireless Cayman Carnival Batabano, the organisers are proud to launch a pre-carnival series of events to take Batabano to a wider audience and help participants get fit for the carnival celebrations.

The Cable & Wireless Soca-robathon will take place every Saturday in April, touring all the districts of Grand Cayman.

The Cable & Wireless Soca-robathon is an innovative new event for this year starting this Saturday and throughout the month of April in the districts of Grand Cayman.

The soca-robathon will allow participants to get ready for partying all carnival weekend, tone up for their parade costumes, hear the latest music and road marches for the street parade and learn some great soca dances.

‘After all the months of preparation, the actual carnival passes very quickly, so this year everybody is welcome to join us at the Soca-robathon to start the celebrations early and build harmonious spirits,’ comments Donna Myrie, Chair of the Batabano Committee.

‘We thought the Soca-robathon would be a great way to introduce new participants to the spirit of carnival, as well as giving everybody a chance to get fit for the main events in May,’ commented Julie Hutton, Events Manager at Cable & Wireless.

‘With prizes and surprises for participants at every district and all classes taken by qualified aerobics instructors, the soca-robathon will be a fun workout with a difference,’ continued Ms Hutton.

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