Annual show going to the dogs

The CI Humane Society’s 14th Annual dog Show will be earlier in the day, cheaper and a week later than usual.

The venue has been switched from the Agricultural Pavilion, in Lower Valley, to the lawns of Pedro Castle, which was not as severely damaged in Hurricane Ivan.

The show will start at 9am tomorrow, an hour earlier than usual. It is also being held on the first Saturday after Easter rather than Easter weekend, as it had been in the past.

Pre-registration begins at 8am.

Mrs. Cathy Richardson Richardson said the earlier start is an effort to avoid some of the afternoon heat.

The canine entrants will vie for awards in 22 categories, including Best Trick, Best Costume, Best Crossbreed and Best in Show.

Dog owners will benefit from a $1 reduction in per-category- costs, which is now $3 per.

It will not cost dog lovers anything to see the show.

There will be several side attractions and this year’s show is shaping up to be a fun event for the family, says Mrs. Richardson. The focus is on the work of the Humane Society.

‘We just want to have a fun, family event that brings exposure to the work of the Humane Society,’ she said.

‘This year, particularly after Ivan, we want it to be fun. Everyone is too stressed these days.’

Several food booths will be available, and when it gets too hot the snow cone booth set up by the East End Primary school could be a place of refuge.

Cash generated by food sales will go to the Humane Society.

A games booth will be set up by the National Drug Council.

Those not registered should go ahead and take their animals to the show, Mrs. Richardson said.

The show is very much unlike the Westminster Dog Show, or dog shows anywhere else, for that matter, she said.

‘Our show is much less formal and most of the dogs have no training.’

For anyone needing further information, Mrs. Richardson can be reached at telephone number 925 8180.

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