More cruise ships not the answer

I read with interest a recent letter in your good paper by Mr. Billy Reid. Whereas I do agree that we have needed the cash flow from cruise ship arrivals since Ivan, I do not agree with his comments regarding merchants in town being happy with arrivals.

I have personally taken the time to check with some of these same shop owners and I would say that about seven out of 10 said more ships do not mean more business. I have said for years that to handle more than three or four ships per day is not feasible.

No matter what you do to alleviate this problem, Cayman (George Town) cannot be expanded to take more passengers. Taking them to West Bay will not help much either given the increase in traffic since Ivan.

I am not against development in West Bay – or anywhere else – but get a bypass road in place before even considering all the plans for that area or island wide.

I would suggest that the cruise ship folks be contacted to discuss with them different departure days from home base. This would allow them to give their passengers a better experience in port. I know that their schedules are done a year or two ahead but that, too, can be worked with or around.

We need to make sure that our visitors have a good experience to talk about when they go home. I hope the powers that be will take their heads out of the sand. More does not mean better, especially in the long run.

By the way, anyone notice C.A.L. with eight passengers to Chicago lately?

P. Milburn

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