T-shirts raise funds for St. Ignatius

Pupils at St. Ignatius have been triumphing over Ivan with their very own fund-raising efforts.

In a bid to raise much-need cash for the school after the storm, they have designed a special t-shirt for staff and pupils to wear on Fridays.

Two Year Six pupils teamed up to design the shirts which read ‘St. Ignatius Triumphs Over Ivan.’

Kelcey Huggins, and her friend Greta Fernandes, both aged 11, put their heads together to come up with the special graphics to depict the hurricane.

It shows an image of the wind whipping up waves into a fury and blowing over trees.

The pair used the computer programme Corel-Draw, which is widely used in the graphic design industry.

Since the Easter break, the school has already sold more than 400 t-shirts, raising $3,600 for school funds.

School principal (Kindergarten- Year 6), Jennifer Paul O’Donnell, commended the girls on their design.

‘They have done really well and everybody is wearing the shirts,’ she said.

The money will go towards essential expenses such as books and teachers’ salaries.

‘The school was badly hit during the storm and we really need a lot of money to get things back on track,’ said Mrs. Paul-O’Donnell.

The idea to make the t-shirts came from teacher Allison Taylor, with the project being co-ordinated by her IT colleague Peter O’Donnell.

The school then ran a competition for the best design, which was put forward by Kelcey and Greta.

Both pupils know first-hand about the fury of the storm, having lived through it with their families.

Kelcey’s family home had its roof blown off and Greta’s family home was flooded with water.

They both admitted to being scared during the storm and said they were glad to get back to school afterwards.

Despite being extensively damaged by Ivan and sustaining hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair costs, St. Ignatius was able to re-open in October, just a few weeks after the storm.

All the t-shirts have now been sold but more are being printed and can be ordered at $15 each through the school.

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