Craft Market taking shape

The site of Cayman Craft Market in George Town is shaping up into what will be a wonderful outlet for local artisans and craftspeople to show and sell their work, say project officials.

The tentative timeline for completion of the project is early May, depending on the continued availability of building materials.

Government set aside $125,000 in last year’s budget for the project. The project falls under the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Attractions Board under the auspices of CEO Gilbert Connolly, who is managing the project.

The site is on land at the junction of Boiler’s Road and Harbour Drive, which was generously made available by the Kirkconnell family.

The Government-funded Craft Market will be an outlet for local craftspeople and artists to showcase and sell their work in George Town, both to cruise and stay-over tourists as well as locals. Revenues will go to local craftspeople and artists.

The market will consist of five separate tents with allocated space within each of those for stalls. Three of these will be 10 x 10 ft, one will be 10 x 20 ft and another will be 30 x 30 ft.

The tents are being erected temporarily and discussions will be held on whether more permanent structures can eventually be put in place at the site.

The Department of Tourism (DoT) has also injected some money into the Craft Market venture. DoT reduced its advertising budget and re-directed money to product re-development and the Craft Market is one of the beneficiaries.

DoT, through the work of Ms. Karie Bounds, is supporting the project through funding of $40,000. This provides for site preparation, seeding, landscaping and paving work.

The venue will have lighting to allow for evening events, with palm trees and sand enhancing the ‘island’ feel of the Craft Market.

DoT’s contribution also goes towards the construction of public restrooms, which will be a concrete and heavy timber structure. It is also ensuring provision of waste receptacles on the site.

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