Storage hours back to normal

The Cayman Islands Port Authority’s storage time at the central Cargo Distribution Centre has reverted to a period of five business days, which is in compliance with port regulations.

Any goods remaining in storage beyond that period will be subject to the usual storage charges. The public is also advised that any goods left longer than 28 days will be disposed of through public auction.

The Authority undertook several initiatives over recent months to cope with post-Ivan demands, including increasing storage time to up to 14 days, penalty-free. Now, as record amounts of goods continue to arrive, the port’s warehouse remains open from 8am until midnight Monday to Thursday, 8am until 4pm Friday and Saturday and 4pm until midnight on Sunday.

Additionally, its billing office is open from 8.30am until 8pm Monday to Thursday, 8.30am to 4.30pm Fridays and 8.30am to 2pm Saturdays.

Correspondingly, the Customs Department’s counter is also open from 8am until 7pm weekdays, as well as from 8am to noon on Saturdays.

Reduced customs duty payments remain in effect until the end of June – a continuing effort to assist residents who are importing building materials, appliances and goods for hurricane reconstruction and furniture for their damaged homes and businesses.

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