Officer turns into hero

I would like to take time to say thank you very much to Inspector Burmon Scott for his endless efforts and professionalism in resolving a situation that seemed to have no resolution.

Inspector Scott is a perfect example of a caring and empathetic individual who goes the extra mile to do his job and more.

In a time when everyone is still feeling the stresses of the catastrophe that we have all endured, he sets the example of what we should all do at any time and that is to help each other.

I have lived throughout the Caribbean and I think the main reason for my loving Cayman so much is the caring, friendly and helpful people here. This is not something that is common in all islands.

It is my belief that this is one of the main things that keep people coming back to Cayman and why people like me love living and working here.

My story is no different than many others and this letter is not to belabour the negatives of what happened, but to commend Inspector Scott for a job well done.

My vehicle was mistakenly taken by MCR to their compound even though it was not stickered to be taken.

After weeks of just trying to find out if they had my vehicle on their lot or whether it had been stolen, Mr. Scott went to the compound and located it himself.

He notified me that he had located my vehicle and went and talked to MCR to see what needed to be done to get it from the compound and to my insurance company, which is another story in itself.

To make both stories short, the insurance company wouldn’t send an adjustor to MCR and MCR wouldn’t release my vehicle. After many weeks of trying and Mr. Scott hand delivering approved, signed forms for release, MCR was still refusing to accept the police forms. He made phone calls almost daily and even tried to make arrangements to help have the vehicle towed if MCR would release it. Again, to no avail.

I made phone calls to all local authorities who were nice and referred me to the next division that may have authority to help, but once again, was getting no where.

I faxed letters to people asking for help and again it was Inspector Scott who took the next step and obtained a letter of release from Mr. O.C. Conner.

He then took that letter to MCR and personally had my vehicle moved, which was not easy because it was in an almost impossible location on the compound.

He stayed for many hours in the heat to help remove it and then accompanied it to my insurance company’s lot.

After almost two months, it took only minutes of my going to the insurance company and showing them that my vehicle was on their lot, which they will no doubt have towed to MCR, I had a check in my hand.

Had it not been for Inspector Scott’s hard work, perseverance and dedication to do not only a good job, but an excellent job, I would still be battling with MCR and the insurance company.

Thank you very much once again for a job above and beyond the call of duty.

Debbie Johnson

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