Bus drivers renew appeal for restrooms

Bus drivers say the lack of restrooms at the George Town terminal is now becoming an urgent matter of public health.

They have been asking for bathroom facilities at the bus park for some time now, even offering to pay for the cost of running the existing toilets at the back of the next-door library.

But the Cayman Bus Drivers’ Association says it has had no response to its appeals, both verbal and written, to the government.

At the moment, drivers go to the nearby courthouse to use the facilities in an emergency situation.

But a spokesman for the association said he was concerned that at other times, men were relieving themselves at the side of the nearest building.

The spokesman, who did not wish to be named, said the association was more than willing to meet the costs of using the library’s facilities.

‘We can’t pay for the general public to use the restrooms but we are more than happy to meet the costs for drivers and passengers,’ he told The Compass.

He added that they had already spoken with the librarian who had no objection to them using the restrooms there.

There are currently around 30 buses which operate from the park to West Bay and a further 16 to East End.

Several hundred people a day pass through the terminal, many of whom need to use the restroom.

‘The trouble is that we are not seen as an integral part of society, helping to get people to work and back,’ said the spokesman.

‘We really cannot go on like this for much longer,’ added the association’s spokesman.

‘It is very important that we should have restrooms at the bus park. It is a matter of public health.’

Despite repeated attempts by The Compass to contact the government to find out what is happening about the provision of rest room facilities at the bus park, no one was able to provide information.

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