Availabilty of marriage officers in question

Although there appears to be an adequate number of licensed marriage officers on paper, many of them are not available when needed as they hold down full-time jobs.

The Department of Tourism has a new marketing and promotions plan in place to attract more wedding tourism here.

According to Director of Tourism Pilar Bush local wedding co-ordinators have found it challenging to secure a marriage officer when needed.

‘It’s a matter of Cabinet re-visiting the matter,’ she said.

When the Cayman Islands expands as a wedding destination, it is likely more marriage officers will be needed or procedures may need to be put in place to allow for greater availability.

Ms Bush commented that is it for the private sector to seek an undertaking from Cabinet to re-visit the matter.

‘They’re the ones closest to it and who should make the representation, but we’ll be more than willing to help,’ she said.

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