Special Olympics

Hurricane Ivan dealt a nasty blow to the Cayman Islands Special Olympics programme last year, destroying virtually everything in their office. The programme lost years of paperwork. A new system, however, may ease the pain of that loss.

A Cayman Islands delegation recently attended a regional conference in the Bahamas that update member organizations on the progress and status of the Caribbean nations. As part of the conference, Cayman delegates Elroy and Kenyatta Bryan attended a workshop that introduced them to a promising tool called Game Management System. Kenyatta explained that it is designed to create and manage a database of athletes. Elroy says the system can streamline a programme in how it coordinates its events and athletes.

‘I definitely think we will use it in Cayman,’ said Elroy. ‘It looked really good.’

Elroy added that the Cayman Islands were highly respected at the conference. Despite small size, Cayman was judged to be comparable to much larger countries in the quality of its administration and financial operations.

Kenyatta said volunteering for the Special Olympics in the Cayman Islands is rewarding, though perhaps not for eve-ryone.

‘We can’t just let anyone be around the kids,’ she said. ‘But if someone has the heart for it. If they have the desire to help the kids better themselves, then they can help. Special Olympics needs all the help we can get.’

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