Today’s Editorial: It’s about customer care

The ability to attract even more stayover visitors will come to fruition in June when the improved Marriott Beach Resort opens its doors.

The corporation has sunk $15 million into the project.

The idea is to make what was a good hotel a great hotel.

The Marriott and many other businesses are to be commended for taking the opportunity Hurricane Ivan gave them to improve on what was already a good product.

Throughout the Cayman Islands it is evident that the Cayman spirit is still alive and well.

Improvements can be seen each day and slowly, the stayover tourism market is getting larger.

As hotels like the Marriott come back on line and more restaurants open up, the Department of Tourism will have more to offer potential stayover visitors.

All businesses that have contact with the public could take a lesson from the Marriott.

That company isn’t stopping with just new paint, furniture and plants.

It has also turned its attention to staff.

The staff is being trained to exude Caymanian graciousness.

The belief of management at the Marriott is that if it takes care of its staff, that staff will in turn take care of its visitors.

All businesses that have staffs that deal with the public – either cruise or stayover visitors or Cayman Islands residents – should follow suit and ensure their staffs are knowledgeable, friendly and outgoing.

More often than not it is the service providers – wait persons, hotel maids, cashiers and receptionists – who make the first and lasting impressions.

Those impressions have to be positive if the Cayman Islands is to continue to attract visitors and keep residents on island when making large purchases.

It all boils down to customer service.

To get good customer service, businesses must first arm their staffs with the notion of teamwork and adequate training.

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