Volunteer puts stamp on fundraising

Olive Miller has put her stamp on a new line of products aimed at raising funds for the National Council of Voluntary Organisations.

Her colourful placemats and plates are adorned with stamps from the Cayman Islands – a unique souvenir for both visitors and residents alike, says a press release from the NCVO.

Stamp collecting has long been a love of Mrs. Miller. Over the years she has raised hundreds of dollars for the NCVO.

She first became interested in stamps during childhood. Her father was employed by the British Post Office all his working life.

He wrote in her autograph album, ‘Remember the postage stamp, my daughter, its usefulness consists in its ability to stick to one thing until it gets there.’ Mrs. Miller has always borne in mind his advice to have ‘stickability.’ One example of this is her connection to NCVO since its inception in 1974.

About five years ago Mrs. Miller received a souvenir sheet of stamps from New Zealand, which gave her the idea of doing similar sheets of Cayman Islands stamps. These were sold, first at Shellections and are now available at the National Museum Shop.

Many people and some businesses contribute to the supply of stamps and from time to time.

The placemats are copied and laminated by the NCVO co-sponsor Cayman Business Machines who provide the service at cost. They are sold by Heritage Craft, The Caribbean Emporium, CI Museum Shop, Tortuga Rum Company’s and Blackbeard’s souvenir shop. All proceeds go to the NCVO.

The NCVO was incorporated as a non-profit company in 1974 with the objective of co-ordinating the work of voluntary bodies to ensure maximum benefit to the community. Today, NCVO’s major projects are the Nadine Andreas Residential Foster Home, Miss Nadine’s Pre-school, Jack and Jill Nursery, the Caring Cousins Welfare Fund and the John Gray Memorial ScholarshipFund.

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