Bodden Town restaurant re-opens

Bodden Town residents can once again enjoy the luxury of an air-conditioned restaurant and bar.

Last Saturday, the Everglo Bar and Restaurant – de pit stop – was officially opened by proprietors Mark and Lorna Wood, also owners of Woods Jerk Centre.

Totally refurbished, the restaurant and bar was certainly a hit with visiting patrons.

Located in Pease Bay, the bar and restaurant is the first to open in the district since Hurricane Ivan.

At the opening customers enjoyed local cuisine such as fried fish and fritters and showed their appreciation while enjoying the comforts of the new establishment.

In the coming weeks, Mr. Wood said the restaurant would offer such local cuisine as turtle, conch and lobster. Lunch specials such as oxtail, stew chicken, sandwiches, fried fish and chicken, salt beef and beans and much more would also be on sale.

Also offered will be a delivery and catering service. The bar and restaurant will also host private parties.

Patrons can enjoy dominoes, basket hoops and a dancing area, which features disco three days a week and live music on some weekends, said Mr. Wood.

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