Youth forum set for Saturday

The first-ever National Candidates Forum with Young People will be held on Saturday, 30 April from noon to 4pm at the First Baptist Christian School. The forum is being sponsored by the Commonwealth Youth Club in conjunction with the National Youth Commission.

‘This is a tremendous opportunity not only for the youth but for the entire nation,’ stated Club President Kyle McLean in a press release.

‘Democracies are dependent on its citizens exercising their rights and fulfilling their responsibilities. Empowering our young people by making them feel more involved, and less intimidated, helps to cultivate a sense of ownership and pride, both in their communities and the country as a whole,’ he added.

Style 96.5FM will be broadcasting the forum live the day of the event.

The general public is welcome to attend.

For more information, call 925-7153 or 926-5953.

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