Easter Sunday a disgrace

Traditionally, Easter Sunday has been set aside as a holy day here in the Cayman Islands. It has always been observed as a day of sunrise services, baptismal services, worship services and a time to reflect on the wonderful spiritual victory provided to mankind by the fact of Christ coming forth from the grave, thus conquering all of humanity’s foes.

How sad that now most organisations and even churches are leaving behind those valuable traditions and offering Easter as a day for frolic and fun.

What we are teaching our children is that no longer does this holy day have meaning, but, rather, it is but another holiday to enjoy the pleasures of sports, jumping castles, games and fun.

Is it no wonder that Ivan became a ‘judgement’ to the church community? Could it be that our disregard for God’s word, for His day and for His commands has brought upon us destruction and calamity?

Maybe I am out of touch with the ‘times’, but, somehow, I do not believe that the God I serve was very pleased with the activities that were promoted and embraced on Easter Sunday.

Both the secular and the church activities that were engaged in on this most holy day were a disgrace to our society and a dishonour to our God.

Maybe we did not ‘wake up’ with Ivan. Maybe the next act of God will be such that none of us will be able to ‘wake up’.

John F. Case


Wesleyan Holiness Church

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