205 hours of prayer starts Saturday

Continual prayer for 205 hours is being held by the Cayman Ministers’ Association from this Saturday in response to what it says are hardships, perilous times and the forthcoming general election.

In a letter to the media dated 25 April, Pastor Al Ebanks of the Agape Family Worship Centre says, ‘The CMA is deeply concerned about the continued hardships being faced by many individuals and families who have not fully recovered from the devastation caused by Hurricane Ivan and we are now facing another hurricane season.

‘We further recognise that we are living in perilous times in which our islands have experienced unprecedented hardship and difficulties over the past few years with increased violence, murders, rape, drug dealing and gang activities etc.’

Pastor Ebanks went on to say in his letter that the country is facing another important general election that will shape and potentially change the Caymanian landscape.

Various churches within the community will be assigned a designated 24 hour prayer time over the nine days of prayer.

The 205 hours of prayer, which will be called Pray 2005, will begin at 12am this Saturday and continue through Monday 9 May at 1pm when a national prayer gathering will take place in George Town between 12 and 1pm.

Although the 205 hours of prayer may not necessarily all take place in churches, there will be many dedicated hours to it in the churches.

For some of the prayer times people will be encouraged to pray in their homes.

Pastor Ebanks encourages people to call their own church to find out if it has a designated time for Pray 2005.

Some of the prayer times already set out for the Agape Family Worship Centre on Fairbanks are: Saturday 1 May midnight – 1am; Thursday 5 May 7.30 – 9pm; Saturday 7 May 8-10am.

Prayer times taking place at the Red Bay Holiness Church are: Tuesday 3 May 10-12:00 am & 7-9:00 pm; Thursday 5 May 7:30-9:00 pm; Saturday 7 May 7-9:00 pm.

Other prayer times were still being confirmed at the time of going to press.

‘We need wisdom and discernment to vote wisely for the men and women who will be elected to represent and lead the Cayman Islands over the next four years,’ said Pastor Ebanks.

He added that prayer is the response needed for all the concerns of the country. ‘We therefore invite the community to join us for 205 hours of continued, focused and intense prayer and spiritual warfare before God’s throne of grace. Let us humble ourselves in repentance for our sin, seeking God’s favour and wisdom and asking for His continued protection and provision for the people of the Cayman Islands.’

Code of ethics

The CMA has also issued a Political Code of Ethics for the Cayman Islands General Election 2005.

It says, ‘Specifically Government is established to promote a peaceable, productive, and godly life, as well as to share in creating conditions that are most desirable for promoting and maintaining the general well-being of all persons living in the Cayman Islands. The CMA affirms, therefore, that all citizens and candidates have an obligation to adhere to strong, ethical principles.’

The CMA encourages all who qualify to vote to do so as part of their civic responsibility.

The code also encourages electors to ensure that every candidate for whom they vote does the following:

‘supports and promotes Christian family values; has well thought out, high principled and realistic plans for the country; has a clearly stated socio-political and economic philosophy; is able to seek our vote without appealing improperly to people or by using bribery or gifts; is willing to build on the good that others have done for the country and is not seeking personal interest, or selfish gain and fame; possesses the maturity to respect differing views; seeks our vote without scandalising or intimidating opponents; is known as a person of the highest moral and ethical conduct – that is, a person of the highest integrity; is committed to be accountable to the Legislative Assembly.’

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