CAA official passes law course with distinction

Nicoela McCoy, Director of Commercial Affairs for the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands, recently passed with distinction the course ‘Aviation Law for Managers,’ offered by the International Air Transport Association. The course was held in Miami from 11-15 April.

A press release from the CAA explains what the course entails.

‘The course, which has been designed to give executive level managers an orientation to the international laws and regulatory framework that governs international air transport, has been recently updated to include training on mandated processes such as airport certification and air operators certification, in compliance with directives of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the organization that sets the standards by which the air transport industry is regulated globally.’

It goes on to explain that the course delivers complex information over five full days of lectures and exercises designed to give participants an overview of the historical legislation and regulatory framework of international conventions such as the Chicago and Montreal Conventions; instructive oversight of bilateral and multilateral air service agreement negotiated between signatory countries such as the Bermuda 2 agreement; an understanding of the technical and economic regulatory framework and their application in a global marketplace; liability issues, and an interpretation of co-operation agreements between airlines from a national economic perspective, as well as an update on the latest trends and initiatives of ICAO and the global aviation industry.

‘The course is an excellent course for anyone involved in upper levels of aviation management as it provides the background information of the international laws governing aviation and liability associated with air transport. Further, the course also provides details of mandated technical regulatory obligations that ensure safety, and recommended economic regulatory measures that can impact a country’s air transport industry,’ remarked Ms McCoy.

She continued, ‘This course will be vital to the evolving role of the Commercial Affairs Unit in the re-structuring that separated the CAA from the airport operator, the Cayman Islands Airports Authority.

Director-General of Civil Aviation, Mr. Richard Smith commented, ‘We are extremely pleased of Nicoela’s success in completing this course with distinction. Her achievement is key to the CAA’s success in meeting its regulatory obligations for air transport.’

Staff at the CAA is recommended to take appropriate industry courses and training, which are vital to the role of the CAA as the regulator of the aviation industry to ensure a safe and economically feasible aviation industry throughout the Cayman Islands.

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