Ministers’ group sets guides

The Cayman Ministers’ Association would like to encourage all eligible voters to exercise their democratic right to vote in the upcoming general election.

We further call all candidates and their supporters to conduct themselves in a professional, courteous and respectful manner, thereby demonstrating the qualities of leadership expected of those who aspire to the noble and honourable position of being the duly elected members of government for the next four years.

As in previous elections, members of the clergy will be asked to participate in the electoral process by offering prayers at campaign rallies and while we consider it to be both a responsibility and privilege to pray on these occasions, we also want to make it clear that our presence on any platform should not be interpreted or construed to mean personal support or endorsement of any particular party, alliance or individual.

While we have agreed to offer prayers, we have also made the decision not to remain on any platform.

Should individual clergy or members of CMA choose to endorse or offer public support for any candidate, their actions should not be viewed as representing the CMA membership, but one of personal choice.

The CMA has also developed a code of political ethics, which we will be releasing to the public shortly.

The Cayman Ministers’ Association pledges itself to be in constant prayer for all representatives and officials; be fair and impartial on our examination of political issues; be articulate on issues, not personalities; and be faithful to the highest standards of integrity.

Cayman Ministers’ Association

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