Today’s Editorial: Time to work together

Congratulations to the winners of Wednesday’s election.

Congratulations go too, to the losers.

Now it is time to get to work.

Elections and the campaigns that go hand in hand with them are about more than just picking a person to help run the country.

Through campaigns, candidates have the opportunity to raise issues that are of major concern to certain districts and the Cayman Islands.

Those campaigns also give candidates the opportunity to offer solutions.

The winners of Wednesday’s election have a duty to take the concerns of the electorate to the halls of the Legislative Assembly and work together to find solutions.

Those who lost the election also have a duty. Most of them ran on platforms that addressed genuine concerns in their districts.

Just because the election process is over for the next few years doesn’t mean that the losing candidates should resign themselves to loss. They ran with zeal and passion.

That passion should continue as they work to help improve the quality of life in their individual communities.

If a candidate was concerned enough to put up money, spend time and effort in an attempt to get elected, that concern should carry over into actions, whether the candidate won or lost.

Another good thing that comes out of campaigning is public debate.

That public debate must continue. Opposing candidates who lost must make sure that they keep their voices strong and work for positive change.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of mudslinging from just about all sides in the campaign process. Words of hurt and hatred were too often spewed in the heat of campaigning.

It is unfortunate that campaigns and candidates stooped so low at times, but now hard feelings and dislikes must now be set aside and everyone – winners and losers – must work together for the betterment and future of the Cayman Islands.

Just as the winners and losers have a duty to continue to work for a better Cayman Islands, the voters have a responsibility as well.

No matter which candidate a voter supported, it is now up to person who cast a ballot to set aside his or her personal differences with the winners and work with them.

Only by working together can the Cayman Islands grow stronger.

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