Young Caymanians must vote

This letter is an attempt to emphasize the importance of exercising the young voters’ voices.

We as young people have a civic duty and responsibility to look out for our collective selves.

The voice of the Caymanian people, especially the young people, must be heard.

Please do not let this be another election where a minority voice will rule. Let this be an election where you are counted; where you have the say.

As long as you stay quiet you will never have the chance to control your destiny. So rise up 11 May and vote; vote clear; vote your conscience; cast an informed vote.

Know who you want to vote for. Don’t vote for someone just because your grandparents say so, or your mama or daddy says so. Vote because you know who you want to represent you. Vote because you know that it should be done; that you must be counted; you should be represented; your voice must be heard.

You must either exercise your right to vote or take what you get. You have a chance now to make a difference; to turn your dreams into reality. Now is the time to take a stand for what you know is right.

Your active involvement in the political process is the main reason why you are struggling to survive. If this country is not governed properly, the fruits of your labour will never filter down to you. You will never prosper the way you should. You will continue to live with uncertainty.

Don’t think that one person’s vote is worth nothing because, remember, elections are won one vote at a time. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. You must make that step.

Don’t be swayed by the hype because during elections, everything is hyper. Don’t be swayed by emotions or thoughts of the past, but instead focus on the promise of the future.

I have heard it said every generation is weaker but wiser. I say to you that wisdom is strength. Strength is power and power is the ability to control your destiny. Everybody who is blessed with the gift of long life was once young too.

The whirlwinds of change will continue to rock the foundation of this country until that bright day when decency prevails. There will never be rest nor tranquillity in this country until the Caymanian people are free to exercise their democratic rights, which include the right to respectfully disagree, the right to freedom of association at a political meeting or otherwise, regardless of where you work or who you work for.

But in the process of gaining our rightful place we must not be guilty of the same wrongful deeds of the politics of the past. We cannot strive to satisfy our hunger for political progress and change in the Cayman Islands by drinking from the same cup of bitterness, hated, backbiting and slandering. We must forever conduct ourselves on the high ground of dignity and discipline. We can’t let our creative protest degenerate into verbal or physical violence.

I still have hope that these islands will prevail because of your judgement. Choose and choose wisely. Vote.

Tara Rivers

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