Dog shooting just wrong

West Bay got another black eye this week.

This time some mean, cruel coward shot a poor, defenceless dog in the face.

The Labrador lived, thankfully, and was being treated at a veterinarian’s office.

Treatment by some people of animals in this country is absolutely horrendous.

It’s mean, cruel and wrong to shoot any dog in the face; but a Labrador? That is one of the most gentle, loving breeds of domestic dogs on the planet Earth.

This shooting leads us to reiterate the need for dog owners to be wary and cautious.

Many local people hate keeping their dogs fenced in. They would rather allow them to the liberty to roam freely than confine them.

But the population in the Cayman Islands, and specifically Grand Cayman, has become so dense that pet owners must be more responsible in keeping their animals restrained.

There was a problem of packs of dogs running wild before Hurricane Ivan. That problem has more than doubled and many times unrestrained pets are joining packs of wild dogs, creating public health hazards and a menace to walkers, cyclists and livestock.

Pet owners who still allow their dogs to roam the streets will have to get used to keeping their animals on their property, walking them on a leash and picking up any droppings from public areas.

People who own pets around the world must do the same.

Pet owners in the Cayman Islands must get accustomed to keeping their pets restrained. It is necessary and will benefit everyone, including the pets, in the long run.

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