Young Caymanians are concerned

Now that the dust has settled and the PPM has gained a sweeping victory, we, the young, concerned people of the Cayman Islands, certainly trust that the new government will not try to teach certain minority representatives a lesson, thereby, sealing our fate for a miserable four-year term.

While certain decisions of the past government may have been deemed questionable and even downright detrimental to our future (and especially that of our children); it would be inconceivable to find the merit in chastising certain members purely on the basis that they previously played for the other team.

We, the people of the Cayman Islands, who sought to restore balance to our country by faithfully voting for leaders that would put us above their own interests, sincerely hope that the way forward is paved, not only with good intentions, but also with honesty and fairness.

You, the elected leaders, are now beholden to us to run this government maturely and openly and with complete transparency. We went to the polls and voted our conscience, the outcome of which should speak volumes to those that were ultimately elected.

You now wear the mantle of responsibility to be upright adults and not schoolyard bullies.

Put aside your differences and lunge forward to providing a brighter future for our children and our nation as a whole.

Be gleaming examples of representatives for your relevant districts and remember that you are accountable for your actions and your reactions. We will be watching you closely and with bated breath as you settle into your offices and ministerial roles. We will want to see persons who are best suited for certain roles, awarded as such and not those who were promised based on compliance and support. Let credit be given where credit is due.

You are our heroes for the next four years, or longer, if you do the job right and leave the mud slinging to the mud wrestlers. There is no place for any behavior other than pristine professionalism in our new government. We put our trust in you.

Do not make us regret it.

Name withheld by request

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