Dom deserves swim coach post

I am writing this letter in support of Dominic Ross to be the head swim coach for the Cayman Islands.

I have trained with Dom as our assistant coach for six years, now and he has proven to the swimmers in many ways that he is more than capable of being a head coach.

He is a great coach on the pool deck of meets from small age-group meets to high-level ones.

He was a big help to all of us at the Olympics. He did a good job coaching on his own when he took swimmers to CCCAN in Mexico and Open Water in Panama. He sees everything and handles many issues quietly. He has connections throughout the Caribbean, the US and UK, and other coaches respect him.

He is a good listener, but does not put up with anything that is a waste of time. He is an inspiring coach, because he knows how to deal with each swimmer best. He knows each athlete and our strengths and weaknesses, and adjusts training accordingly.

Not only has Dom proven himself as a coach, but he does more work around the pool than anyone else.

When the water was too hot to train in, he built a cooling system. He built several aeration systems for the pool in Santo Domingo at the Pan Am Games.

When the pool was too cold in the winter, he pushed to get a thermal blanket and made sure it was pulled over each night to keep in the heat, making it easier for us to train.

Anytime something at the pool breaks he will all day and weekends to make sure it is fixed.

I believe Dom is the best candidate for the job due to his relationship with the swimmers, his knowledge and his contacts. Our history together means a lot.

Dom is a great coach, and I believe he should be given the chance to be the head coach of the Cayman Islands.

Andrew Mackay, Cayman Islands Olympian

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