Remember the Sabbath

The days exist through creation and the Fourth Commandment – Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy – was set apart and specifically blessed by God before the human race even existed. It was even established before the Ten Commandments came about and again added to them.

God was pleased with his creation and made the seventh day his. In honour of this, he commanded his creation – us – to keep it.

The nine other commandments that everyone recognizes, when broken, the earthly law administers punishment in some cases. The seventh day is definitely revealed still law for God planned his son’s destiny with the Sabbath in mind.

Christ was crucified and laid to sleep before the sun set on Friday. His body was left unprepared because the women couldn’t purchase the spices before the Sabbath came on. Christ rested on the Sabbath, and so were the dead who were arisen when Jesus cried out his last on the cross. Jesus and they arose on the first day of the week, and this was the day the women took to prepare the body, when they were asked, why do you seek the living among the dead? Christ died and honoured his own Sabbath.

After defeating the Devil’s plan for humanity by dying for the sins of the world, Jesus came forth and left instructions for his disciples to follow. If Jesus wanted to omit the Seventh Day keeping he would have said so but he did not. His purpose on Earth was not to eliminate laws but to die for our sins.

Paul the Apostle came after Christ and kept the Sabbath, and so did Christ’s disciples. In fact, everyone in the Bible kept the Sabbath, which is an example that Jesus’ death did not remove it.

In John 15:14 Jesus says, If you love me you will keep my commandments. Jesus had his destiny in mind as he spoke to his disciples at this very moment, knowing at his departure he would need to establish guidance and hope in their minds. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.

Amanda Wright

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