Today’s Editorial: A summer of possibilities

OK parents and kiddies.

School’s out and the temptation is there for the kids to truly take a summer vacation; lounging on the couch or cooling it in dad’s recliner while he’s at the daily salt mines.

Oh, the thought of long days propped on pillows in front of the telly or chatting with school chums and friends over the internet.

Just the idea of being able to sit all day in front of a PlayStation and actually reaching level 100 on a particularly challenging video game while munching on your own bag of some cheesy, greasy snack is scrumptious.

That may seem fine for the first week at home for summer vacations, but soon the doldrums will set in leaving bored kids calling their parents at work what seems like every 10 minutes and complaining ‘there’s nothing to do.’

Give them something to do, beginning with day one.

Summer is the perfect time for kids to get out of the house and get active.

Statistics have shown and we can see with our own eyes the chronic problem of childhood obesity.

Getting children involved in healthy activities does more than just help them with weight issues. Camp allows children to interact and learn about other cultures, how to get along, teamwork and more.

There is a plethora of summer day camps available to children of all ages in the Cayman Islands.

Computer savvy kids can take this summer to learn more about the world of computers.

There are summer camps that offer lessons in the arts, crafts, sports, drama, storytelling, exercising and stretching.

Use this summer to learn karate or how to sail.

But summer camps aren’t the only answer to summer doldrums.

Kids should be encouraged to get to know their elders. Helping an older person with daily chores can be an excellent lesson for any child.

Kids can help beautify their community by voluntarily picking up roadside trash.

Then of course there are always chores at home that have to be done.

Cleaning the bathroom really does build character, especially if parents attach a monetary award to the activity.

Children in the Cayman Islands have it far better than kids anywhere else in the world because of where they live.

There is so much to do and see if parents and children would just open their eyes and explore the possibilities – from a treasure hunt on the beach while cleaning up trash to righting overturned flowers at the nearest cemetery and learning about the people buried there.

The possibilities for a fruitful summer for the children in the Cayman Islands are endless.

Get creative and have fun.

If you’re not careful you may just go back to school next term with a new-found knowledge and a healthy body.

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