Bikini Bottom comes to CI

SpongeBob SquarePants enjoyed a hearty welcome from young landlubbers at a recent session of the Cayman Islands Sea School with SpongeBob SquarePants.

The summer camp, part of the Department of Tourism’s summer promotion to raise Cayman’s profile as a family destination, was a hit with the 15 or so children attending.

Open to vacationers and resident children between seven and 12 years old, the sea school is held at the Visitors’ Centre at the Dart Family Park on South Sound Road. Each session is free and runs for two hours.

Designed specifically to be fun and educational, the sea school features interactive presentations highlighting Cayman’s history and traditional crafts, SpongeBob episodes and take-home maritime treasures.

The Sea School runs throughout the summer. It’s on each Tuesday from 2-4pm in June, Tuesdays and Fridays in July and on Fridays only in August and the first week of September.

According to the DoT co-ordinator, Daphine Watson and her team, the quirky Bikini Bottom dweller was an obvious choice for the sea school. She explained that not only is the network that broadcasts SpongeBob SquarePants seen by DoT as a wholesome brand, Nickelodeon, likewise, sees the Cayman Islands as a wholesome destination.

Five-year-old Shania McLean, a recent graduate of the Achievement Centre, said that she had such a good time she wants to attend future camps. ‘I liked watching the episodes of SpongeBob and meeting him best of all,’ she explained.

The Summer Sea Camp was launched last year.

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