Government boards shake-up coming

Cabinet Minister Alden McLaughlin said Friday that changes to chairmen and members of government boards and committees would begin as early as this week.

Not everyone currently on the boards will be changed, Mr. McLaughlin said.

‘We’re keeping some members and even some chairmen,’ he said.

Fellow Cabinet Minister Charles Clifford said the People’s Progressive Movement government was ‘one of inclusion.’

Sherri Bodden Cowan, the current chairman of the Business Staffing Plan Board, said she had not heard anything one way or the other.

‘I suspect I will not be retained,’ she said.

Central Planning Authority chairman A.L Thompson also said he had not heard anything officially about whether he would be retained.

Whatever happens, Mr. Thompson said he did not want to see politics play a role in the decisions of the CPA.

‘I never allowed my board to make decisions based on politics because that’s no good,’ he said.

Mr. Thompson said he would gladly stay on with the CPA if asked, even in the capacity of an ordinary member.

‘I’m not there to serve a person or a party,’ he said. ‘I’m there to serve my country, and I’ll help out any way I can.’

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