British American all for recovery

British American Insurance Company has joined the list of Cayman’s corporate companies that are supporting the islands’ hurricane efforts through the National Recovery Fund.

General Manager, Mr. Harvey Stephenson recently presented a cheque for CI$10,000 to Mrs. Angela Martins, Chairman of the Fundraising Committee and Conor O’Dea, a member of the Fund’s Board of Trustees.

Mr. Stephenson noted that his company, which deals largely in life and health insurance products, had completed all its claims by April but recognised that even some of its own policyholders did not have adequate property insurance. ‘We hope that donations like this will go a long way in helping them,’ he said.

He said that his company had identified the National Recovery Fund as the best placed agency to use the donations for the benefit of those most in need. ‘So far we are satisfied that the Fund is doing a good job in the recovery effort,’ Mr. Stephenson said.

‘Fundraising continues to be a major imperative of the Fund, if we are to meet our goals of repairing homes, particularly for the uninsured, the elderly, the infirm and families with young children,’ Mrs. Martins said.

‘British American’s donation ensures that we can meet the needs of yet another family and the Fund is truly grateful for their support at this time. The needs are great and we encourage companies and individuals to continue to get involved,’ she added. Further, she invited anyone interested in making a donation to contact her at 244-2414.

As the 2005 hurricane season marches on, the National Recovery Fund has stepped up its appeals for donations to ‘dry in’ families whose homes were severely damaged.

The Fund and the Housing Recovery Grant, formerly administered by the Cayman Islands Development Bank were recently merged to streamline the housing recovery operations.