Cancer society launches scholarship

The Cayman Islands Cancer Society is offering a scholarship to a nurse dedicated to palliative care or oncology.

Registered nurses who have a minimum of two years post-qualification experience will be eligible for the award.

The scholarship is worth up to US$20,000 annually for two years. Once the nurse completes the course, he/she must work for two years with cancer patients at a medical facility in the Cayman Islands that the society approves.

Those applying need to identify the course they want to attend, according to Christine Sanders, education and office manager of the society.

‘The candidates have to have done their homework and come to us and say: ‘This is what I want to do,” Ms Sanders said.

Caring for cancer patients requires a special type of person, she added.

‘You have to be dedicated to do this. It is obviously very emotionally taxing,’ Ms Sanders said.

The society is funding the scholarship out of its own pocket. ‘We are pushing our resources to the limit to do this. Part of our mission is to provide support for cancer patients.

‘We feel there is a need out there for additional support among cancer patients,’ she said.

The society is looking for Caymanian applicants who will understand the culture and needs of the community.

Ms Sanders feels the scholarship will mark an important contribution.

‘We had some funds set aside and were trying to find a project where we could give something back to the community,’ she said.

The cancer society is fully funding the scholarship, but Ms Sanders is always looking for contributions.

‘If somebody wants to help us with the scholarship, we’re nor going to say no,’ she said.

The deadline for applications is 30 July 2005. The society’s board will interview candidates in August and the winner should be announced by the end of that month.

For more information, call the society at 949-7618 or check the website

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