Occupancy rates high just before Ivan

August and September 2004 showed very good occupancy rates for hotels and apartments in the Cayman Islands before Hurricane Ivan’s hit in September disrupted tourism.

Occupancy and length of stay figures for the period just before and in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan have been posted by the Department of Tourism.

However, the www.caymanislands.ky website’s statistics’ page points out that due to the impact of Hurricane Ivan, 11-12 September, 2004, many properties were unable to submit occupancy reports to DoT. Of those properties that had available rooms, it is roughly estimated that 60 per cent submitted reports for the period October through December 2004.

The website also points out that occupancy and length of stay figures for the period immediately following Hurricane Ivan are reflective of visitors with special permission to enter the island, relief workers, staff members and residents who were temporarily housed, as well as visitors arriving for vacation purposes between 20 November, 2004 and 31 December, 2004.

August and September show very good hotel occupancy rates of 57.4 per cent and 42.3 per cent respectively. August’s hotel rate was the highest since 1999 when it was 61.5 per cent. September’s was also highest since 1999 when it was 50.8 per cent.

October, November and December show rates of 24.2 per cent, 30.9 per cent and 32 per cent respectively for hotels.

The average hotel occupancy rate for hotels for 2004 works out at 61.7 per cent. This is actually higher than previous years since 2000 when it was 62.4 per cent.

August’s apartment occupancy rate, at 37.4 per cent, was the highest since 2000, when it was 38 per cent. September’s 9.2 per cent is well down on previous year’s equivalents, as is October’s 17.7 per cent and November’s 15.9 per cent. December’s 31.7 per cent is also down on previous years.

However, the yearly total for apartment occupancy, at 43.1 per cent, is up on previous years’ totals since 2000 when it was 46.8 per cent.

Length of stay reports show that total figures for 2004 do not vary very much from previous years.

The average length of stay in hotels for 2004 was 4.9 days, up on 2004, the longest number since 1998 when it was five days. Apartments in 2004 have an average figure of 6.8 days, the lowest numbers since 1999 when it was 5.8 days.

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