Mr. Foster embodiment of integrity

From my perspective the only significant positive news to dampen the blow of Mr. David Foster’s passing has been the ‘miss’ of Cayman by hurricane Dennis.

Over the past few days a lot has been said about David Foster – the family man, the philanthropist, the businessman, the employer, the leader, the visionary. I have personally seen evidence of all those qualities first hand.

There is one small seemingly insignificant act, however, which impressed me immensely. His action then clearly demonstrated his level of ethics, integrity and fair play and how he conducted business.

One morning he arrived at the office and enquired if two used containers, which he had earlier suggested to be purchased overseas for use locally as temporary storage, had arrived. He was told that they had. It was mentioned that to maximize the benefit of the freight, the containers were filled with grocery items to be received in the normal way before the containers were sent for conversion on site. He then asked if duty was paid on the containers in addition to the groceries. Stunned silence. No one including Customs had thought of that.

Mr. Foster then instructed that a cheque be drawn and sent to Customs for an amount calculated at the applicable duty rate on the purchase price of the containers.

There is an unmistakable message in that act. It spoke volumes. Is there any wonder that Foster’s Food Fair prospered the way it has? His family, employees – past and present – indeed the whole island will miss him. May he rest in peace.

Lee Maragh