Retail complex gains support

Savannah’s Countryside Shopping Village, due to open in the fall 2006, is shaping up to be one of the premier shopping sites on Grand Cayman.

Situated at the junction of Shamrock Drive and Hirst Road, Heritage Holdings CI$10 million complex has received more backing, this time from residents’ champion Reynard Moxam.

Following on from the comments made by Heather Bodden, chair of the Savannah-Newlands Community Development Action Committee, Mr. Moxam, owner of Island Companies, has added his voice to the pro-Countryside bandwagon.

Mr. Moxam’s company consists of a number of diverse retail operations. He lives in the Lower Valley village area close to the new complex and while none of his firms have declared any interest in opening up at Countryside, Mr. Moxam said: ‘At this point we have no plans to go in there – but that can change.

‘The location is already a commercial zone and has long been designated as such and we have always thought that before turning other areas into commercial zones the existing ones should be developed.

‘We don’t have a problem with it. The developers are first class operators and I am sure they will do a first class job,’ said Mr. Moxam.

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