Lawless drivers

There is a simple way to put a number on lawless drivers in Grand Cayman: Count the number of overtaking cars on the middle lane of West Bay Road.

That number is increasing by the day.


With every car overtaking in the middle lane, you feel annoyed, more and more annoyed, you feel just stupid.

Why not overtake too?

Then you start overtaking on the middle lane — and wow, there are no consequences.

Soon everybody will drive in the middle lane – chaos.

Besides being impolite to other drivers , you break the law and you behave recklessly; a head-on collision could be fatal.

How do we stop this overtaking in the middle lane? By asking the public to be less aggressive?

Have an unmarked car with a video camera drive along West Bay Road each day for one hour. Youy will catch 10 overtakers. Publication of their convictions should do the rest.

Only with a considerable risk of consequences can one get this driving behaviour under control.

Don’t just ask the drivers to slow down; increase the risk of speed traps.

In the old days in Cayman one of the few risks of driving was a car in front of you stopping all of a sudden for no apparent reason. The driver in front just stopped to yield to a car coming out of a side street.

This courteous behaviour is still around, but now in the same situation it is more likely that the driver coming out of a side street is forcing himself onto the main road.

If there are no consequences to lawless driving, maybe those persons will progress to other types of lawless behaviour.

Ulrich Holland

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