Today’s Editorial, 15 July: MC decision time

After more than nine weeks of being idle in its Hurricane Ivan debris-processing effort, MC Restoration indicated it is reaching the end of its patience this week.

Stopped from continuing its work on 9 May, MC had until this week waited uncomplainingly for the Cayman Islands Government to say whether it should carry on its efforts or not.

Despite vigorous verbal attacks from a small portion of the Cayman society, most informed observers say MC Restoration has done a good job in helping clean up Grand Cayman after Hurricane Ivan.

After the election, the new government kept MC Restoration stalled, as it fulfilled its campaign manifesto promise to ‘evaluate the status of the recovery process and examine whether Government is getting value for money in the ongoing contracts and programmes’.

It is prudent for the new government to assess this and other situations inherited from the previous government, but how long must MC Restoration and the public wait for a simple decision?

As for value for money question, the new government now has access to the Auditor General’s report dealing with the MC Restoration, which concludes government did indeed get good value for money in its contract with the company. If the government has faith in the abilities of the Auditor General, it shouldn’t have to spend much time on that question.

There are other issues for the government to consider concerning this issue, but they are not so complex that a decision cannot be made in a timely manner.

In the scope of decisions that will have to be made by the new government in these challenging times, this will probably rank as one of the easiest, yet it’s resolution is eight weeks and counting in the waiting.

Meanwhile, 50,000 cubic yards of debris sits piled at MC Restoration’s processing site, and should another hurricane pass close by soon, that debris could be scattered to the winds and sent flying through Frank Sound.

It’s time to make a decision on MC Restoration; either the Government wants the company to complete the debris processing job or it doesn’t.

If it doesn’t, let’s hope the Government has another company ready, willing and able to pick up where MC left off.

MC Restoration deserves an answer and the Caymanian public deserves to see progress being made once again in the Hurricane Ivan clean-up process.

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