National Gallery to host lunchtime lecture

Are you craving a bit of culture or looking for a different way to spend a lunch hour? Come and join us at the National Gallery for our new lunchtime lecture series.

One Wednesday a month a Gallery staff member will lead a short lunchtime tour/lecture around the latest exhibition. The tour begins at 12.15pm and will last approximately 30mins. Food and beverages will be provided.

The series kicked off with recent Watercolour show Watermarks in May and proved to be a huge success. The dates for upcoming lectures are as follows:

Wednesday July 27th

Wednesday August 24th

Wednesday September 28th

Wednesday October 26th

Lectures will look at the most recent exhibition and will offer an informed exciting tour around the works displayed. Each lecture will be different and offer an interesting look either at one individual work or an art movement that influences the works displayed.

The lectures are a great way of having a different and stimulating lunch hour with friends. Please RSVP so that you will be guaranteed lunch!

[email protected] 945-8111 or [email protected]

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