It’s on the record

Things are really happening for musical maestro Ben Hudson right now.

Not only is he about to release his first CD, but he has helped unearth a rare gem on the Island in 12-year-old Janae Anglin.

Ben works out of Greggy G’s Hopscotch studio just off North Sound Road in George Town.

The 30-year-old music producer can play keyboards, guitar and some percussion himself as well as mix it up for others in the studio.

‘My main instrument is guitar – and the bass guitar in particular,’ said Ben, who is also a talented graphic artist.

But it is music that is taking up most of his time right now and he says: ‘I am working on my own record. It is in my style. I do a mix of dancehall, neo-soul, new school and soul music mixed with a Caribbean flavour.

‘I work at Hopscotch with Charles Gregory aka Greggy G and I am also working with three other producers from The Hit Depot.

‘We are on a project at the moment compiling a CD which is going to be called The Baby J Ryddim which should hit the streets in the next couple of months,’ said Ben.

But it is Janae he is really excited about.

And rightly so. The 12-year-old West Bay schoolgirl has a voice that belies her tender years and her range is quite simply awesome.

‘Janae is going to be the best thing to come out of the Caribbean for a long time,’ says Ben.

‘Not only has she got the voice, but she has the right kind of backing behind her.

‘We are working on her first CD and big things are expected of Janae,’ said Ben.

‘She can sing very, very well. I would say Ciera the R and B singer is the nearest thing to Janae, if you want a comparison.’

Ben has also worked alongside top Caymanian hip hop rapper Blackface and DJ Maize. ‘Blackface is one of the better guys,’ said Ben.

Jamaican stars Sizzler, and Delly Ranx are two more internationally famous artists Ben has connections with, along with Danny English, who is also from just across the water.

Top labels such as VP Records and Greensleeves have turned out the end product several times after Ben and his musical friends got it all down on tape.

Now they are waiting to see just who will be charting next from the long list of up and coming stars in their talented Cayman Islands stable.