Today’s Editorial, July 25: Almost back to normal

Two things happened this past weekend that show the Cayman Islands is indeed coming out of the Hurricane Ivan melee.

First, the Cinema on West Bay Road reopened, offering those on Grand Cayman a chance to put away their worn and frayed video tapes and DVD’s.

For the first time since Ivan those who take much pleasure in sitting down to a fairly new film release had a chance to do so.

There was a soft opening Thursday night with a few hundred invited guests who were treated to wine, cheese and two newer movies.

The cinema opened full blast Friday with an offering of two more movies. The movie count inched up to three over the weekend.

We can all take great comfort in knowing that there is once again a place to take in a good movie while munching on popcorn and slurping syrupy soda.

For many, normalcy means a weekly movie outing and the reopening certainly gives those people a chance to get back in to their routines.

The second event that shows we are overcoming was the successful showing of Island Living at the Family Life Centre off Walker’s Road.

It’s a show that has long been planned and eagerly anticipated.

Twice it was postponed because of Ivan’s cousins – Dennis and Emily – storms that threatened the Cayman Islands.

This past weekend was one that saw no threat of ill winds or heavy rainfalls.

The demonstrations at the show were quite beneficial and the information from vendors probably more pertinent now more than ever as people continue to try to rebuild and improve their homes and businesses following Ivan.

To the new owners of the Cinema, thank you for the hard work that has gone in to the facility since Hurricane Ivan and for once again offering us all a chance to take a break and see a movie.

To all of those who made the Island Living show a success, your efforts are appreciated more than words could ever say.

These two events are proof positive that life is indeed returning to normal in the Cayman Islands.

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