Y2Y helps youths get focused

Throughout the Cayman Islands there are young people aware of there surroundings and getting drawn into what goes on around them; many times negative activities.

There is now a youth group in the Cayman Island that educates youngsters about drugs and drug prevention.

The Cayman Islands Youth to Youth is in association with Cayman against Substance Abuse of the Cayman Islands.

This foundation is small in number but brings great hope to the community.

Y2Y helps youths prepare for the daily pressures of life.

Drug prevention is not intervention and it is adult guided and youth driven.

‘Y2Y has kept me aware that everyone is different and that and that some people just give in to peer pressure,’ said Ashleigh Davis, a member of the group. ‘However, it showed me that I don’t have to be that person, but I can stand out and help the community in any way I am able.’

Leany Bodden agrees.

‘Youth to youth has influenced me in so many great ways. I absolutely love the programme. It is such a great way to come together for a common goal, I enjoy the activities and the fundraisers we do together,’ Leany said.

Y2Y is always encouraging young people to join its group.

The age range usually begins at begins at 12 and continues to the age of at the least 19, but if anyone is older and wants to be a part of it they are welcomed.

The person in charge of the group is Ms Tanya Ebanks, an employee of CASA. She ensures all that it is entertaining and is something good to have on a collage application or any references of the sort.

The meetings are held on Mondays from 3.30-5pm at the Prep School.

‘I got involved in Y2Y by my careers teacher at school and also from relatives who were involved with the program back in there time,’ said Phenicia Bodden from Prep High.

The Y2Y has grown so much that this year on 8 July these kids along with there group leaders were making preparations and raising funds to go on their first ever international conference in California and these are there views on the whole thing.

‘Going to California is an experience that one can’t miss. It is a conference that promotes positive behavior in young adults and helps to build high self esteem and self confidence,’ said Krishna Henry, Y2Y’s newest members.

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