Judge: social report not always necessary

After a man pleaded guilty on Friday to two counts of robbery, his attorney and the judge discussed when sentence should be imposed.

Duncan Wright, 31, pleaded guilty to stealing a woman’s handbag and using force against her to do so, on 23 May along North Church Street.

He pleaded guilty to stealing another woman’s handbag and using force against her on 24 May along Anthony Drive.

Defence Attorney Lloyd Samson asked if the judge felt he might benefit from the assistance of a social inquiry report into Wright’s background before passing sentence.

Mr. Justice Alex Henderson said he did not think he would ever refuse a request for a report if counsel pressed for it. His own view, however, was that when a person reaches a certain mature age and has a history, the defence attorney could tell the court as much as a report could.

Mr. Samson agreed and acknowledged that Wright did have previous convictions. He therefore asked for time to prepare mitigation.

The matter was set for sentencing on Friday, 29 July. No facts have yet been given.

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