Liquor licence inspector harassed

A liquor license board inspector was verbally assaulted during an inspection of licensed premises Thursday afternoon, board chairman Mitchell Welds said.

The inspector had completed the inspection but would not issue a satisfactory report.

Mr. Welds said an employee of the licensed premises, which he would not name, then verbally abused the inspector.

‘They were objecting to the work being recommended to be done for them to be compliant with the law,’ said Mr. Welds.

The Liquor Licence Board will hold its annual session on 8 September. Renewal applications are due by Monday.

Liquor licence applications are now required to have satisfactory inspection reports attached, Mr. Welds said.

‘We will not accept an application unless the report is there and satisfactory.’

Mr. Welds said he would not tolerate the kind of behaviour exhibited toward the inspector.

‘Any licensee that conducts themselves in this manner will not have their licence application put on the agenda for the liquor licence renewal session,’ he said.

Mr. Welds said he intends to voice his objections over the incident to the owner of the licensed premises that verbally abused the inspector.

Those expecting to have their liquor licence renewed who have not yet had their premises inspected had better get it done immediately, because extensions of time will not normally be granted. Mr. Welds said.

‘There would have to be a good reason why they couldn’t meet the deadline for them to get an extension,’ he said.

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