Mothersill ready to run

Cydonie Mothersill is calmly preparing to live up to the Cayman Islands expectations at the IAAF World Championships next month in Helsinki.

So far Olympic and World Championship medals have eluded her, but the 27-year newly-wed said 2005 will be the year.

Though she has not finished the script, she would like it to read – gold, silver or bronze at the meet in Helsinki.

It is not by words alone that Cayman’s sprint queen is hoping to gain a medal. She has been putting in the time on the track, in the gym and physio room to ensure she will take her first walk to a World Championship podium.

National honour, not just personal pride, will be at stake, Cydonie said.

‘I was so disappointed when I did not make it to the finals in the Olympics. I let myself and the country. But I have put that behind me and my coach and I went back to the drawing board to ensure that I improve,’ she said in a telephone interview.

So far, her results have been positive — three wins in Brazil, a CAC gold medal in the Bahamas and a win in Greece last week. She also set a new personal best time of 22.39 in the Bahamas in one of the heats.

‘This year I am running a more technical race than I did last year. At this level everyone is just as talented, just as fast, and just as strong. It comes down to who is mentally stronger and who wants the medal. This year I want it,’ she said.

‘I am getting older and more mature. At my age now, winning is very important,’ she added.

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