Cayman lost a friend

Another senseless killing!

To all known as Bobo is the victim of another senseless crime.

How much more shall we the people of the Cayman Islands have to suffer the injustice and act of senseless crimes, crimes without cause but manifested through hatred and anger often coincide with substance abuse and peer pressure.

I speak to the murderer(s) and accomplices by saying you have robbed a mother, a brother, a sister and a family foremost of their loved one; one who provided for his family and without recourse supported his friends.

In retrospect I ask you what have you done for your family and more over what have you done for your country.

All who knew Bobo knows what he brought to the community of the Cayman Islands.

Bobo was a responsible leader of a restoration team after Ivan, a job he did with pride for this country.

You have robbed not only a family and friends but you have robbed this country of a fine citizen, one who would have been there in the wake of another storm fully prepared and ready to restore these Islands.

So I ask again what is your measure in filling the cavity in which you have created in these Islands?

Ms Zeta and family, your hearts are broken and your tears have run dry.

Your mourning is on the hands that are covered with the blood of your Bobo.

Worry not thyself for the fancy lawyers will not be able to plea bargain with God on their account and justice is the Lord’s and as hard as it is to bear at this time I ask that God will bless you all with his strength to make it through this trying time and his peace for you all to have rested nights.

Let not your hearts be filled with hatred to the person but hatred to the act, which was committed. Let not your heart be harkened to the family of the murderer(s) but pity them for they have amongst them a murderer.

God sees the injustice committed amongst men and hears the mournful cries for the loss of Bobo and if anyone knows him best it is the almighty father above who knows that Bobo was for peace and love.

We pray for vengeance on the wrong doers who have taken the life of a true loving, caring, giving person. May God’s strength be with his family and friends; may they find comfort in His words and in His will.

Blessed be those who find the strength to go on in their times of trouble. Faith in God that blossoms through times of adversary is a faith rare in its kind and acknowledged by God.

May God’s strength and courage be with us all and you and yours in your time of bereavement.

Name withheld by request