Indies Suites decision expected

A decision on a Grand Court petition to put Indies Suites Ltd. into official liquidation is expected from Chief Justice Anthony Smelie today.

The matter was heard in court on Friday, with Alan Turner of Turner and Roulstone representing the petitioners.

The liquidation petition was opposed by Queen’s Counsel Ramon Alberga, who was instructed by attorney Waide DaCosta on behalf of Brac Construction Ltd, the sole shareholder of Indies Suites Ltd.

In June, Indies Suites was put into provisional liquidation after an ex parte petition brought by two Indies Suites club members.

Indies Suites was severely damaged by Hurricane Ivan last September and subsequently sold in December.

Club members, who had contracted to use the hotel facility for a period of 99 years, are upset over the fact the property was not rebuilt.

The petition to liquidate Indies Suites was supported by 175 other club members.