Lighthouse students help tsunami children

Lighthouse School students and staff completed a charity fundraising effort this month for victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami.

Over a period of several months, students brought small amounts of money to school.

By this month, however, those coins and dollar bills amounted to $616.78. Students handed over their last donation to Cayman Loves Children recently at a ceremony at the school.

The Lighthouse School educates children with mental and physical challenges. It also seeks to connect students with their society and their world. This effort was in line with that goal, said Shari Bovell, the school’s principal.

Cayman Loves Children is a charity group that raises funds and awareness for the world’s children who are suffering in extreme poverty. Cayman Loves Children forwards 100 percent of donations received to UNICEF.

Cayman Loves Children members Daniela Ryan and Adishree Mani accepted the money and thanked the students for their efforts and their compassion.

‘It’s great that these kids, despite their disabilities, have managed to set an example for other children and adults in the Cayman Islands,’ said Mani, 17, ‘I hope this example is carried on.’

‘It is so wonderful to how these children have helped to raise money for Cayman Loves Children and they did it with smiles on their faces,’ said Ryan, 17. ‘I really hope the rest of our community follows their example.’

Cayman Loves Children maintains a website at The site includes essays, photos and list of schools, business, and individuals that have donated money for children in extreme poverty. UNICEF’s website is at