Ms Jullet gets help, finally

Rock Hole resident Jullet Green reached rock bottom when she was left waiting for help to come her way long after her home was wrecked by Hurricane Ivan.

But now, after an eight-month wait and after her situation was highlighted in the media, Ms Jullet’s application has been given the green light and work is going ahead on putting her patched up home back into good order.

Last September’s hurricane destroyed the roof, ceiling, walls, furniture and fittings at her George Town home and left her with little more than pots and pans to her name.

The 56-year-old made an application for help to the National Recovery Fund but reached her wits’ end when, months later, she claimed she was unable to find out if she was being approved or not.

After hearing about her plight, the CaymanianCompass contacted the National Recovery Fund office and was told someone had tried to find out details of her income so her claim could be processed.

There had appeared to be some communication breakdown and nothing had happened, it was claimed.

It had eventually been ascertained that unemployed Jullet’s income was zero and it was then said that her claim could be processed.

On Thursday, National Recovery Fund project manager David Bodden explained there had been a further slight delay because the organisation did not handle electrical work and they had to wait for that to be done before they could do their work on the walls, ceilings and other things.

An electrician had now volunteered to step in and when he had finished they could complete what they had to do, said Mr. Bodden.

The work was expected to take two or three weeks to complete, he added.